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April 17 2013

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March 12 2013

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Take a Seat & Make a Friend

SoulPancake hits the streets to see what happens when two strangers sit in a ball pit... and talk about life's big questions.

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February 16 2013

Johnny Mauser - Unseriös (feat. Captain Gips)
Johnny Mauser - Unseriös (feat. Captain Gips)

February 11 2013

NMZS - Eintopf

February 10 2013

NMZS - Eintopf

January 20 2013

Comic Book Readers
orkin 1947
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" I found ice growing out of a rail"

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no you dont understand

these are two separate toys that we found at the thrift store today okay

and we found out that they fit like this and it was beautiful

and then we were going up to the cashier to get our things and realized they were still like that and were separating them so that we could each purchase the one we had found and

the cashier


so confused and„, distressed and horrified omg

the look on his face was like we had taken his soul and run it through a blenderim

i tried to fix it omg i was just like

“……………………..he was just…. resting”

but i dont think anything can make up for the trauma we caused.

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January 01 2013

Ohrbooten - Autobahn [HQ]
Ohrbooten - Autobahn [HQ]

December 31 2012

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Senkrechtstarter Otla
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December 18 2012

Edgar Wasser - Der Undenker

December 17 2012

Edgar Wasser - Der Undenker

December 05 2012

Supershirt - Die Langweiligsten Orte Der Welt (Official Video)
Supershirt - Die Langweiligsten Orte Der Welt (Official Video)
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